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Welcome to the SUMAK KAWSAY YACHAY Foundation, which means “Beautiful life with education.”

The SUMAK KAWSAY YACHAY foundation is located in Salasaca, an indigenous community of Ecuador full of culture and traditions.


The foundation started to work in 1997, thanks to the effort of Rosa Maria Masaquiza Chango. The foundation's work is based in supporting the education of the indigenous children and adults of Salasaca.


Fortunately, the project has had the support of many volunteers during these years who have contributed in various ways to the development of the foundation. The foundation has developed a volunteer program  since the beginning of the project and it has always held the arms open to receiving any kind of help. The volunteers are a fundamental part to the success of the foundation.


Volunteers agree that this is a unique experience, in which they learned about the community and its culture, and they met indigenous people and other volunteers from all over the world.

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