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In the morning, the volunteers attend classes in the public school of Mazanapamba at 7 am. You can go to the school by camionette for 25 cents (in the morning they go all the time), or you can walk for 20 minutes. In the school, you help the English teacher. Classes are for children from 5 years to young adults up to 18 years. Usually, you can talk to the teacher and decide which classes you want to do, for instance, children from 10 to 15 years old. You can also help with other subjects if you want. This can be organized with Micaela or her mother, the school director, and the concerned teachers.

The last classes finish at 12:45 or before, depending on whether you participate in all of the classes or not. At home, the volunteers prepare lunch together. After this, the English classes in the afternoon are prepared, starting at 15 (there are a lot of materials for preparation). On Fridays, there are no afternoon classes, so volunteers often go shopping in the Mayorista market in Pelileo. You can also go on Saturdays, or every other day to the central market or in Ambato. There is also always the option to buy a few things in the center of Salasaka.

In the afternoons from Monday to Thursday, volunteers give free English classes to students who come to Hostería Pachamama. Those classes are from 3 pm to 6 pm. Currently, there is a class for children from 9 to 12, another for young adults who are more advanced, and a last one for false beginner adults. However, the levels can change depending on the demand and the volunteers.  Now, after the stop through COVID, we hope the classes will be going without stopping.